Personal Real Estate Manager

At ABC Buildcon, we understand how important finding the ideal property is. We assign a dedicated Personal Real Estate Manager from a team of experts we have on board, here at ABC Buildcon. Each Personal Real Estate Manager is an expert on real estate and has been engaged for their knowledge, expertise and their ability to understand every individual requirement and their idea of their dream property. You can rest assured that your dream is in capable hands.

What does a Personal Real Estate Manager have to offer?

Relaxed Property Search

​While you sit back, relax and lounge in the comfort of your current property, your Personal Real Estate Manager will be hunting right property for you.

Professional Support

We guarantee that your Personal Real Estate Manager will hardly take any time understanding your requirements and will only shortlist propertys that match them to a T. 

Time Effectiveness

You have all the time in the world to chill-out with your family and friends or maybe even go on a mini-vacation while we are on the lookout for your dream property.

4 Steps to Buying the Ideal Property:

ABC Buildcon’s Personal Real Estate Manager services need only 5 steps to be availed. Your Personal Real Estate Manager will search for a property that has been tailor made to suit your needs and 
specifications and then will even help you make it your own. Dedicated service from start to end, is a promise ABC Buildcon makes to all its clients.

Step 1- Register and Pay

All you need to do is visit our website, sign up with your basic information, specify your personal property requirements on an online form, that’s it. All payments can be made online on a secure gateway on our website. We accept all international credit and debit cards.

Step 2 – Your Personal Real Estate Manager (PREM)

Your PREM will call you soon after you register and understand your requirements firsthand. While you relax in the comfort of your property, the PREM will shortlist houses that meet your parameters and take you around to them. The value add with ABC Buildcon is that our team of PREMs help you advance your search parameters so that you buy only the best property for your family and yourself.

Step 3 – Making the Right Choice

For ease of analysis and decision making, ABC Buildcon will provide you property comparisons that you can view at your leisure. Comparison charts will give you in-depth information about each property and 
thus assist you in selecting one that fits your bill comprehensively.

Step 4 – Making a Satisfactory Buy

Our services don’t stop at a successful search; you can upgrade your package and avail our premium services that give you an in-road into availing the best rates for property loans, registry assistance along with documentation support and also support in availing legal opinions. The experts take care of all the nitty gritties that would otherwise give you sleepless nights.

Our Value Adds

Still having a tough time picking out the perfect property? Give your Personal Real Estate Manager a call, who will answer all your queries and clarify all your doubts. Backed by a team of research experts, our 
team of PREMs are a secure bank of all the information you need to make an informed buy.

Market Knowledge

The team at ABC Buildcon and specially our PREMs keep track of any changes in policies, market developments, developments in infrastructure and improvements in loan policies. We equip you with all the right information so that your buying process is hassle free.

Site Visits

Visiting the site of your potential dream property doesn’t need to be a cumbersome process anymore. Your PREM will set up a site visit, communicate a suitable time for your visit and personally facilitate all that needs to be done for your visit to be a fruitful one. Take a tour of the entire property and complex before you decide to buy it.

Property Loan Support

Identifying the best property loan provider with optimum interest rates is now easy with our vast network of sources and gamut of intel. 

Legal Support

The paperwork and legalities that go into buying a property will no longer be a burden that you have to shoulder. With ABC Buildcon and your PREM, we can not only acquire professional, legal opinions but can also offer advice on the best way to navigate legalities.

Registration and Documentation Assistance

You can now circumvent the registration process, which is usually the least favourite part about buying a property, with the professional and expert assistance of your PREM and the ABC Buildcon Team.

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